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Class Action?

Posted by CM on June 19, 2009

I have read from other complaint websites that there is a yearning to start a class action lawsuit against PHH.  I think we can once we have damages.  For example, in my situation, once the house is foreclosed on and PHH sues me for a deficieny then I can counter sue with the evidence of all of my short-sale offers.  In essence I can say to PHH, “wait a minute, you could have had this money if you would have accepted a short-sale offer.” 

So, once you have damages, you may have a case. 

Also, to do a class action suit, we need to group into same situation cases.  So, those of you with trouble refinancing need to get together, those with foreclosure defiencies get together, those with disputed payments get together and so on and so forth.  Feel free to use this site as a place to convene or chose another but let me know so I can join a group! 

Lastly, I have hired an attorney and PHH has hired an attorney of their own for the foreclosure proceedings, but PHH’s attorney can’t even get anyone from PHH on the phone.  So, PHH doesn’t even speak to its’ own attorney! 

Oh yes, have I mentioned to complain?  Complain to the BBB, the Attorney General, your Representatives, the media….Keep complaining.  If you don’t have time to complain, I will do it for you!



8 Responses to “Class Action?”

  1. Kathy said

    PHH is totally screwing us right now! They haven’t applied payments that they have cashed, or brought our account current after purchasing it back from Chase Bank, I have faxed copies of all receipts at least a dozen times over the past 1 1/2 years with no return calls or emails……they started foreclosure on us this June after we were told that a Betsy Ayala was going to review the account…..the first two people were Renard Foxworth and Donna Berger….they did nothing but left it sit on their desks……I have hired an attorney, however they have ruined our credit, and caused us nothing but grief. I am going to the fullest extent of suing……

  2. theadamsparty said

    I have read about PHH not applying payments, I have also read about other mortgage servicers not applying payments. That just eats at the core of being untrustworthy. No one ever returns calls or emails. I think they let paperwork fall into the trash can!

  3. VHest51 said

    I’ll be happy to jump on this bandwagon! PHH forclosed on my home 2 months ago and they sent me a letter in the snail mail to vacate the property in 10 days. No FedEx, certified mailing or sheriff’s notice — snail mail that looked like junk. They are so shady!

  4. M Norman said

    I have never been so angry in my life. Recently 4 months ago I applied for the HAMP program through PHH Mortgage. My income had changed dramatically and I desperately needed help in meeting my financial obligations. I contacted PHH mortgage, and wrote my affidavit of hardship letter outlining my financial hardship and restraints. They, PHH mortgage, offered me help through the HAMP program. In July 09, I was accepted on a trial bases for three months. I was told I did not have to make July’s payment since I was now in the HAMP program. I sent my first check for August, another one for September and the third went out this October. 3 days ago ( October 5th) I received news from Areef Cohen in the underwriter loan processing center at PHH mortgage, and he informed me that I am not eligible for help since my earning income is from Social Security and it is considered a supplemental income. Add to this upsetting new AND THIS IS THE KICKER!- I now have to make the original payment on my mortgage again HOWEVER, I am now in DEFAULT because I had been paying the HAMP program like they said to do and now my ORGINAL loan is past due by four months which is the interim time period I was on the HAMP program. I am now supposed to come up with just over $4000 by Oct 27th or they will shut down the loan and turn it over to their lawyers. I have received several foreclosure letters from PHH mortgage while I was on the HAMP program and each time I called about the foreclosure documents they told me I did not have to worry because I was in the HAMP program.
    I have never seen such low intentional destructive behavior from any company. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

    • theadamsparty said

      Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with your frustrations. I have just about thrown up my hands in disbelief at PHH’s behavior. I quite simply do no know what else to do. I have complained, I have written about it and I have hoped for some kind of help from lawmakers to no avail. This does have to stop but no one seems to be listening.

  5. Francine johnson said

    I just finished reading all the nightmarish unjustices to homeowners like myself. I thought that after a year and 2 packets for modification being sent, tons of bank statements and volley of conversations of the hamp program as a help. I am now afraid from the previously quoted experiences, that they will hurl me into the same nightmare. I went to Congressman Elijah Cummins workshop for Foreclosured persons, our circumstances are not without justifiable causes. We are responsible citizens who are unable to turn a dollar upwards. We are not dead beats or get overs, and when I could I paid up and beyond my payments. I am truly hurt and my prayers are that PhH will correct it’s practices now.

  6. dth said

    Our situation is exactly the same as yours CM. We certainly are interested in a class action against PHH. Currently we have two short sale offers on the table, one for several months. I expect one of them to retract their offer as it is taking too long for PHH to acknowledge the offers.

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