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How did you hear about PHH?

Posted by CM on July 7, 2009

So, I was wondering how PHH Mortgage or Cendant Mortgage became your mortgage servicers.  Please fill out the poll above!

We did not choose PHH and that is my main complaint.  I chose my cell phone provider, cable provider, utility provider, but I never recall choosing PHH to service my mortgage.  I think we should get to choose!

We relocated and used Cartus Home Loans when we bought our home.  And then as the story goes, the mortgage was sold to PHH.  However, Cartus and PHH are the same company.  And who really owns PHH?  If you have gotten a chance to read over the complaints with the petitions linked to this blog, then you will see a complaint from Australia!  {I am in the US}  This company is global so who owns it?  Not to mention that their headquarters are not in New Jersey but in some undisclosed location in Texas.


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