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STOP! Mortgage Servicers

Posted by CM on August 7, 2009

Hello!  Please check out my new blog, click here

For those of you familar with this site, you will find the new site very similar.  The goals are the same, to hold PHH Mortgage accountable.  But, after researching for posts for this blog, I realized that there is an entire community full of disgruntled mortgage servicer customers.  Hopefully the new site can become a meeting place for ideas, complaints, and support about all mortgage servicers.  Our ability to create change with the mortgage industry will rely on our numbers.  If we can get many people petitioning about the same goals then we can push for more recognition. 

Don’t worry, I am not abandoning the cause.  In fact, this blog will serve as the flagship for others who want to start a blog about their mortgage servicer.  Plus, I am still a PHH Mortgage customer and they haven’t done anything positive for me lately!  And, since PHH sold part of my loan to Green Tree Servicing, I need to branch out my complaints! 

So, please spread the word about the new site and lets become a community and kick some mortgage industry butt!!!!!!!


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