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Call to Action

Posted by CM on August 21, 2009

Ok all of you disgruntled customers of PHH Mortgage, IT IS TIME TO ACT!  I just got a letter from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  My understanding is that if the FTC gets enough complaints about PHH Mortgage then they will consider opening an investigation.  So, lets go!  Lets flood the FTC website with our complaints about PHH Mortgage.  Since I have already submitted my complaint about PHH Mortgage, I will send in a different complaint.  I plan to send the FTC copies of ALL of the petitions with the signatures and a copy of complaints about PHH Mortgage that I have found on the internet.  If you know of a site with complaints about PHH Mortgage that you would like for me to include with my packet, please let me know. 

More Information:
1. Letter from FTC, pdf


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