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Meet with Wells Fargo Reps

Posted by CM on September 4, 2009

Starting Tuesday, September 8th, 2009; Wells Fargo Representatives will be on hand at the Phoenix Convention Center for 3 days to meet with customers regarding their loan modification applications.  Customers will be able to determine if their modification applications have been approved or denied.

Mrs. Giguere of Phoenix, AZ, lost her employment and requested a loan modification from Wells Fargo.  She sent in her paperwork several times with no response.  In bankruptcy court she was able to ask a high-ranking bank executive of Wells Fargo why she never received a response to her loan modification request and subsequent paperwork. 

Judge Randolph J. Haines of the United States Bankruptcy Court asked this of the Wells Fargo executive: “When did you tell the debtors that their loan was no longer being considered for modification?”

The Wells Fargo rep replied, “We haven’t. They’ve never been told.”

Ha! I would love to hear PHH Mortgage admit that and more! 

Read the full story here

Judges’ Frustration Grows with Mortgage Servicers. John Collins Rudolf. The New York Times. 9/4/09. 


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