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PHH in NY Times Article!

Posted by CM on October 25, 2009

Finally!  Just about an entire article was dedicated to PHH in Sunday’s NY Times!  Click Here to read it

A Federal Bankruptcy Judge in New York State determined that PHH did not have the correct documentation to legally foreclose on a house.  This is another “produce the note” type of situation that we have heard about.  The article also mentions securitizations which I have just read about in the the National Consumer Law Center’s newest report on foreclosures.  Stay tuned to this blog for more about securitizations.  Or read the report here

I am printing this NY Times article for reference later.  We need to make sure our attorneys know about this information.  We can’t assume that they know everything about mortgage servicers.


One Response to “PHH in NY Times Article!”

  1. beverly meehan said

    I started the loan modification process with PHH Mortgage 17 months ago. They have repeatedly requested the same information over and over again. The infromation they request has not changed.
    They then denied my request. They erroniously stated I had not met a deadline. They then retracted that statement and advised me the process was back on tract. That was 3 months ago. My attorney has sent them a letter requesting information. They have not complied with his request.

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