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McClatchy Investigates Goldman Sachs

Posted by CM on November 3, 2009

My local paper ran some of these stories about McClatchy Newspaper’s investigation of Goldman Sachs.  I included a video from McClatchy about a couple who fought with Goldman Sachs to save their home.  The couple needed financial help after a natural disaster (fire) and could not get a hold of anyone at their mortgage servicer to help them.  Through bankruptcy court, they were able to figure out that Goldman Sachs owned the loan and the court “threatened to impose ‘significant sanctions'” on Goldman if they did not restructure the couple’s loan.  At the end of the clip, Ms. Fabos-Becker said, “It is outrageous that we can’t even know who our lenders are.” 

Video: Couple takes on Goldman

Read the article here

Mortgage Crisis Shows Why Financial Regulation is Needed

Please look at this site from McClatchy, it lists the percentage of mortgages in foreclosure in each state.  When you click further into the state, you can look at metro areas for their foreclosure stats.  Click here


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