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Warren for HR 3126

Posted by CM on November 4, 2009

I vote for Elizabeth Warren to run the Consumer Financial Protection Agency!  You know Ms. Warren, she is in charge of tracking all the bail-out or TARP money.  I have seen her on a few interviews and every time she is asked where the money is, she replies, “I don’t know!”  Isn’t it nice to see some honesty around Washington?  The Boston Globe wrote an article about Warren that was part biography and part setting the stage for her possible role as head of the highly anticipated and much watered down CFPA if it ever makes it into law. 

Warren said that most bankruptcies aren’t from outlandish spending but by cheating banks and medical bills.  That sure sounds correct to me!  If Warren is the head of the CFPA then I am certain she will make the most of whatever is left of it. 

Read the article here: In Fight Over Credit Rules, She Wields a Plan. By Michael Kranish.  11/3/09


One Response to “Warren for HR 3126”

  1. susanne olson said

    I was given HAMP trial and while paying all along was advised I wouldn’t be made permanent–used NPV as a cover. Asked the real reason, and it is that the investors do not like HAMP’s low interest rate. Ex. 493.18 on 170K loan not acceptable to them, and home in CA very underwater. Well, they knew all this at the time they ok’d the program. Sent me letters 2 big lump sums which after repeated tries cannot get itemized. They seem highly inflated–no truth in lending here. I am to go into foreclosure soon. I am 68 yo and job situation and I put 52K down 3 yrs ago– was sold to this Green Tree Servicing(never heard of them). Collections called me already after 5 days. They had the nerve to put one lump sum in a cllection agency status even though this is a mortgage and CA is a non recourse state. Clever.What to do? Fraud and intent to deceive all along.

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