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September 6, 2009
I received another letter from the FTC regarding the petitions, complaints, and letters I send them regarding PHH Mortgage.  I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.  Stay tuned.  Read it here

September 3, 2009
Received the exact same letter from PHH Legal Counsel regarding my complaint to the Utah Department of Financial Institutions.  The letter I received was the same one I received after my complaint to the Texas Attorney General. 

August 31, 2009
House went to foreclosure auction and no one bid on it and now PHH owns it.  PHH’s opening bid was less than some offers we received. 

August 21, 2009
Received letter from FTC.  Basically said if they get more complaints regarding PHH then they might start an investigation. 

August 19, 2009
We received another response from PHH Legal Counsel complete with 1 of the 3 BPO’s (Broker Price Option) that we requested.  Without my complaint to the Texas Attorney General, I would have never gotten this type of correspondence from PHH.  So, complain with your Attorney General!  Back to the letter.  Well, the BPOs contained comparable houses in an entirely different town.  But, the appraiser said the comparable houses were just down the street.  Clearly the BPOs are not accurate, check yours.   

August 17, 2009
What a joke!  Recall that PHH sold 20% of our loan to Green Tree Servicing.  After a month, Green Tree finally welcomed us to their family!  Given that we are 2 weeks away from the foreclosure auction, we actually got an offer for our house today.  So I called Green Tree this evening and I have to submit an entirely new financial hardship packet.  What a mockery, we weren’t even given a chance with the auction date approaching quickly.  Plus, just because Green Tree wants to accept the offer doesn’t mean that PHH will. 

August 12, 2009 Sent STOP! Mortgage Servicers press release and Mark-to-Market Investigation to the following: President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner, Chair of House Banking Committee Barney Frank, and Chair of Senate Banking Committee Chris Dodd. 

August 8, 2009

After a year and a half of being vacant and on the market and a year of trying to get a short sale offer approved, we finally got our notice of auction.  August 31, 2009 is the big day.  I am curious to see what the opening bid will be.  Will it be the inflated market value that PHH’s BPO’s have produced or will it be much lower? 

August 10, 2009

Letter from State of Utah, Department of Financial Institutions.  My complaint has been received and forwarded to PHH Mortgage Counsel. 

I also received a general letter from my Senator. 

August 6, 2009

Email from Governor of Utah:

Our office appreciates the thoughts and concerns you have shared. However, the issue addressed in your email is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and Governor Huntsman does not have authority over this matter. Because this company is national, federal legislation would be necessary to accomplish the accountability goal you have mentioned. Please contact Senator Hatch’s office for review and response. The contact information for his office is as follows:”

June 27, 2009 “The Packet”

Sent package containing copies of complaints and copies of two signed petitions with complaints plus a note asking if someone was going to hold PHH accountable.  Sent to: NJ House Representative Adler, NJ Senators Lautenberg and Menendez, and NJ Governor Corzine.

July 2009

Well, it seems that our appliances have been stolen.  PHH canceled our insurance long ago…….

July 17, 2009

At times, I want to post something but it seems to opinionated.  So, from time to time, I will just post my opinions here!  Ha, as if this entire blog is not my opinion!

I watched a story on The Today Show a few weeks ago about foreclosures.  The reporter asked a bank representative why he was letting all these homes fall into complete disrepair while awaiting foreclosure.  The banker essentially said that it was not his problem.  You see, this is the entire problem.  No one seems to want to take reponsibility for these homes.  The banks and service providers just seem to sit on their rumps and refuse to take blame.  I put the blame squarely on the banks shoulders.  They should be providing customer service to their customers.  Period.  This brings me back to the entire reason for this blog.  I hope that we can build a coalition and force someone to take responsibility for these homes.   {This story involved swimming pools in Florida that were filled with mosquitos while in foreclosure.}

July 17, 2009

The Texas Attorney General told me to submit complaints with The HUD (Housing and Urban Development), The FTC (Federal Trade Commission), and The Texas Savings and Lendings Department.  Well, I heard from HUD first.  In the HUD complaint, I had to choose a “discrimination” complaint (that was the only option available).  So, I said that we must be being discriminated against since PHH won’t accept a short-sale offer.  Obviously that was a stretch and the HUD didn’t buy it.  Then I recently heard from the TX Savings and Lendings Dept and they said that they cannot tell PHH to accept a short-sale offer.

July 23, 2009

We have an 80% 20% mortgage.  Our 20% mortgage was sold to Green Tree Servicing LLC.

July 23, 2009

Well, I received a letter from the state of New Jersey.  I was essentially told that NJ cannot help me because the property is not in New Jersey and they do not have any way of regulating a national mortgage service provider.  Next on my agenda is to send “The Packet” to Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Barney Frank, Governor of the state my property is located in plus the senators and representatives of the state.

July 28, 2009

Because of the efforts from the Texas Attorney General, PHH’s Legal Counsel actually sent me a letter!

June 2009

I have decided to electronically keep track of the various activities I have taken towards PHH Mortgage. 

For this post, I am just going to list the persons that I have already contacted regarding PHH Mortgage.

President Obama, Vice President Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, Treasury Secretary Geithner, Senator Cornyn (R-TX), Senator Hutchison (R-TX), Representative Paul (R-TX), Representative Alder (NJ), Senator Lautenberg (NJ), Senator Menendez (NJ), Governor Corzine (NJ), Senator Dodd, Senator Shelby, Representative Barney Frank, NJ and TX Attorney Generals, TX Dept of Savings and Mortgage Lending, Federal Trade Commission, Housing and Urban Development, 60 Minutes, CNN, Philadelphia Media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS, and newspaper, Rip off report, Foreclosure Angels, NY Times writer Edmund Andrews, NY Times editorial,, and probably more that I just can’t think of right now.  Hence the very reason why I decided to start chronicling this. 

And would you believe that after all of the material sent to those named above, nothing has been done to improve my situation or yours or anyone elses’ situation with PHH Mortgage.  I just keep hoping that one of these days, perhaps years from now, that someone will help me and you to hold PHH accountable for their actions.  That is the very jist of my latest mailings is to ask, would someone please hold PHH accountable for their actions.  Stop ignoring PHH and their customers!


2 Responses to “Journal”

  1. Kathy Hollingsworth said

    Please keep me posted. I have been trying since July, 2009 for a home modification with PHH Mortgage. PHH Mortgage lies, steal and cheat … they must be held accountable. Their business ethics are unscrupulous and they are allowed to get away with this behavior.

  2. Andrea Allan said

    It was about February 2009 when President Barack Obama put HAMP into action. I contacted Fannie Mae and the company who serviced my loan PHH Mortgage Mt Laurel New Jersey. Both companies ignored me lost my paperwork 5 times, routed me to India for what they claim is customer service. I emailed Fannie Mae’s CEO and PHH CEO told them they had to be accountable to tax payers who just bailed them out. They gave me an illegal loan modification and foreclosed on my with a company by the name of INDEX in Texas. I realized a few things were going on here. #1 that the banks who had inflated the realestate market to begin with were getting down payments for homes they were foreclosing on. #2 that the banks and mortgage companies were not regulated, and were doing everything they could to push people of their homes so that they could double and triple dip on sales. #3 The banking institiution and all the companies that are part of Hedge-funds, stocks, selling securites etc have become a huge monster and have deep enough pockets to employ thousands of lobbyists that contribute to political campaigns so that our politican’s who are supposed to be working for us aren’t and that’s why we have gridlock in Washington. So the only way to stop this is to put the banks out of business once and for-all. That’s why bank transfer day is just the beginning of taking back America, I mean that in more ways than just what the text says.

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