Stop PHH Mortgage

Lets join together to save consumers from PHH Mortgage's bad business practices



Click here to sign the petition to stop PHH Mortgage from harming more consumers based on their bad business model.

Click here to sign the petition and will also send to all your representatives! (

Note: I started these petitions and send them periodically to politicians.  The petition automatically sends the petition to your representatives.  I update the Journal page of this blog when I have sent the petitions to someone.  Your signature and comments do matter so keep them coming!

1b. SIGN! Related Petitions

  • Give Consumers Access to Monthly Mortgage Statements, Click Here
  • The Petition To The U.S. Government From American Homeowners, Click Here

2. COMPLAIN! to the officials where your property is located

3. COMPLAIN! to various websites

Note: When you complain, consider using a form letter for consistency and try to keep it one page in length.  For an example, click on the “Letter” page of this blog.  Feel free to use this letter verbatim if needed.  Also, when I complain, I usually use a form letter and a personal letter.  This way, the recipients understand that this is a two-fold process.  One being to satisfy a personal complaint and the other being to help everyone else. 

4. VOLUNTEER! with this blog

  • Submit your complaints on the “Complaints” page of this blog.
  • Send your newstips for posting consideration to
  • Tell your friends about this blog
  • Add your comments

5.  HELP! Create The Mortgage Bill of Rights

6. TELL! Your representatives in Congress to support HR 3126 The Consumer Financial Protection Agency and HR 1728 The Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act

7. CREATE! Your own “Complaint Packet”-Personal and General

  • Personal
    1. A record of all telephone conversations with PHH Mortgage (including first and last name of person you spoke with, the time, and the date).
    2. A copy of all of the documents you have received from PHH and all those you have sent to PHH. 
    3. A list of all the parties involved with their contact information.
    4. A hardship letter.
    5. A timeline.
    6. Any notes that you have
  •  General
    1. A copy of the form letter found on this blog or one of your own.
    2. Copies of petitions (found from this blog or elsewhere).
    3. Copies of complaints you have come across from other websites.  

Remember to reference your internet sources including the web address and date when you copied the information from the website.

8. JOIN! The Forum, Click Here

9. HELP! On the Wiki Space, Click Here

10. SHOW! Your support and promote the cause by downloading and displaying the Stop PHH Logo. Click here

11. SUPPORT! The Initiative and Referendum Process

      “The Initiative and Referendum Process is an important means to bypass legislatures who refuse to vote on crucial issues.  Initiative and Referendum reminds us the citizens of our republic are the rulers and elected officials are the servants.”  Kirk Fordice, Governor of Mississippi (2)

   The Initiative Process: When the citizens, collecting signatures on a petition, place advisory questions, memorials, statutes or constitutional amendments on the ballot for the citizens to adopt or reject.(3)

   The Popular Referendum Process: When the people have the power to refer, by collecting signatures on a petition, specific legislation that was enacted by the legislature for the people to either accept or reject. (3)

   The I & R process can be a way for us to promote the regulation of mortgage servicers.  If your state has the process then get to work!  If your state does not, then get to work helping to bring the process to your state! 

   Please see the following sources for more information:
   1. Initiative and Referendum Institute (I & R) at the University of Southern California;
   2. Statements regarding the Initiative and Referendum Process. Click Here
   3. Which States Have the Initiative and Referendum Process? Click Here

  “Twenty years ago, citizens of California were being taxed out of their homes by an out-of-control property tax system. While elected officials did little but talk about the problem, the voters acted.  Using the initiative process, they passed proposition 13, a citizen’s law which cut and capped the property tax.”  Joel Fox, Past President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (2) 

12. PARTICIPATE! In The Consumer Empowerment Conference & Expo. November 21, 2009. Crowne Plaza, Hollywood, Florida.  More Information


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