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  1. peter said

    Thanks to Carole, in Arkansas, who has not only taken action but has both achieved some results and is willing to share the information. There are a lot of comments and complaints on this site with very few, if any, individuals providing their contact information, which makes their postings worthless, in regard to any group action(s). The idea of expecting a response from a bureaucrat or a member of Congress etc. is a stretch, at best. There are a couple of cases, now in the courts and we need to hear from anyone, who believes that they have a well documented, solid case against PHH Mortgage. Need your contact information and a very brief summary of your case. My email address is and telephone contact is 678-318-1917. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY.

    • scott and kim said

      Hi Peter,

      Would love to go to court against Phh. what they have done to us is so unlawful and wrong. I have pages upon pages of lies from them. Basically we were going through a home loan mod and they said our house was vacant, which it was not, so they took the lean back on it and now we are in the redemption period. We have called and called sent proof of electric bills etc. They have no reason how they came up with our house being vacant, but that false decision they said cost us our modification and our house being sold right out from us. We need help and fast. These crooks need to pay for all the wrong they are doing to the american people. I have much more to tell. I can be reached at or 574-904-3371

      • Eric Mason said

        FIle a complaint with the FBI mortgage fraud division. All you have to do is google your FBI local Field office and make a phone call. I just called them today and was told that if there were other complaints they would open an investigation.

  2. Amy Graves said

    I have had a very negative experience with PHH and have had no resolution to what should have been a simple loan mod. They’re a nightmare. Have been working with a law firm in LA and still no luck. It’s taken a year and a half with no resolution. They’ve also destroyed my credit which was good before dealing with them. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks

  3. selble73 said

    Hi Peter!
    Are you the one who runs this website? My bf is in a similar situation. And I agree with you that more people should get involved offline and be able to contact one another to help collectively.

    We live on the East coast and he has applied for a loan mod. Right now he is working with a consumer advocate who is working on a very large complaint against PHH mortgage. (Mind you he gets letters from Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, he is still trying to find out who owns his loan).

    I’ve researched online for the past few weeks and have been simply appalled at the apparent fraud that is occurring. He has experienced the same delays, hangups, long hours on the phone, rude behavior, countless re-submitting of documents, etc etc as I am sure everyone has experienced as well. He was like others assured that a loan mod was in his best interest but they wont even allow him to make any payments and only decided to after he of course missed payments. Its been 6 months now and still no word and 2 weeks ago he received foreclosure papers. His advocate has fallen sick and is slowly coming back but the delay in sending out the huge complaint has him in a constant state of anxiety, frustration, sickness and depression. I’ve forwarded him everyone’s complaints here as well as this website to then be forwarded to his advocate. In hopes of helping. His advocate has worked on loan mods before and has never seen in 5 years something like this. He thinks someone put a bad spell on him because how can you not think it.

    His advocate, said reading everyone’s complaints his helpful but is weary. She thinks it better that we all personally reach out of course first through here and since we’re all looking for justice – that many of yous can be available to be contacted by phone or email so everyone can get closer to this and talk to each other. She hasn’t mentioned getting a lawyer just yet but from what I’ve read here so far..I think its a good idea. My boyfriend doesnt think he’ll get a mod anyway and even if he did, he’s going to still be trying to fight to stop any foreclosure notices.

    He wants to take them to court.
    I wanted to put it out there if there is anyone here who is currently in the midst of suing or is thinking about it- that you can be able to provide your email and numbers of course through the email- to be able to contact each other we can all collectively help each other outside from here. Sometimes it gives our advocates or lawyers more confidence if they can connect with others personally. I put this out there from a sincere and honest place to not only help us but help all of us.
    If anyone is interested in this please email me at
    My name is Selly and my bf Joe and I live in Mount Vernon, NY.
    If you like to share your problems or if u have any solutions or if you can be available to talk to my bf or his advocate- anything would be greatly appreciated and of course- if you have a pending case- would be returned to you.
    Thank you so much and good luck!

    • Eric Mason said

      You should File a complaint with the FBI mortgage fraud division. All you have to do is google your FBI local Field office and make a phone call. I just called them today and was told that if there were other complaints they would open an investigation.

  4. Devin Carlson said

    Does anyone out there have email and direct numbers to contact these folks directly.

    Mr. Luke S. Hayden

    Mr. Ron Lyles
    Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

    Mr. Robert E. Groody
    Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

    Mr. Jerry Selitto
    Chief Executive Officer of Phh Corporation and President of Phh Corporation

    Mr. Martin L. Foster
    Senior Vice President of Servicing

  5. Robert said

    Peter Good Morning.

    It is now 4:45 AM I am awake and thinking how to find the right justice for PHH. Please, contact me initially by
    I want to discuses with you some option

  6. Donald B Hadley said

    Re: Loan Number 7113095017, Donald B. Hadley

    Two weeks ago I contacted Bernard of your insurance department regarding a error charging my escrow account for $2,042.00 for hazard insurance. This was an improper charge and Bernard told me to have my insurance agent fax the confirmation that I had the proper insurance coverage. My agent did fax the confirmation of insurance, but I have not heard back if the escrow charge have been reversed. I should not have any escrow charges as I signed the contract that I would be responsible for both the insurance and property taxes. Therefore, my monthly payment should not be changes in any circumstances. Please advise me that the $2,042 has been reversed.

    • Michelle Hanna said

      Hi Donald,
      I am facing the same exact problem right now. They overpaid my insurance company $2294.00 for a bill that they can’t seem to produce now. I repaid the escrow (after getting the money back from my insurance company), yet they still want to charge me an extra $120.00 per month to accrue for that non-existent hazard insurance. I have been battling them for 2 months now, and have yet to receive a proper answer, or even a return call from a supervisor. Were you able to come to a resolution on your issue? Thanks so much!

  7. Eric Mason said

    PHH is out right a bunch of lying crooks. I was put on a repayment program with them…had to put $3,000 up front and then make monthly payments of $1,300 for about 5 months. Upon making the final monthly balloon payment over the phone we were told we could make our normal monthly payment the next month. When we phoned in to make our next payment we were told that they could not accept it as they had placed us in foreclosure. After review of our mortgage statement we discovered they had been applying multiple months payments to single months mortgage, and some payments were never applied at all. I hired an attorney, and we went over the foreclosure documents comparing them to our original mortgage docs. We discovered that in the documents they filed with the courts numerous things on multiple pages were whited out as they were trying to hide something. We asked PHH for a copy of the terms of the repayment program, and they have been unable to produce them and claim it does not exist. Before ever making it to trial, before ever getting an opportunity to go through the discover process the judge dismissed our counter suit and granted PHH the foreclosure. I do not know what to do at this time, I cannot afford to pay my attorney the money that would be required to take it to appeals court. This seems it should not be possible for them to get away with. I am a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical responder in my community, and swear these facts to be true. If they were not, I would also not have wasted my money fighting a foreclosure that was justified. I have filed complaints with every possible entity and have gotten no where. Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to call me at 419-559-4181. Or email me at My name is Eric

  8. Gina said

    I have an attorney and want to go for a class action law suit agaist PHH and the lack of help with regards to a Loan modification. Please contact to become part of the fight. We Americans can’t allow bullies like PHH to take our homes. Help me fight for our rights.

  9. Phyllis said

    To whom it may concern

    I am a single mother of three, I work two jobs, and I am currently being furloughed.
    That sentence alone is self explanatory.
    The word to describe me would be disheartened.
    Disheartened because I lost my home.
    It saddens me to see the sorrowful looks on my children’s faces upon having to explain to them why we need to leave our home immediately or I will go to jail. Unfortunately, things like this happen on a daily basis.
    Having to be the backbone and strength for my family I broke down.
    I couldn’t bear disappointing my family and losing my home.
    I fought back for my home for many months assuming that the company PHH, would be on my side. Assuming was my first mistake.
    My lender failed to process my papers in a timely manner and the foreclosure on my property had a set date of July 2, 2013. The representative for PHH didn’t provide any assistance to me or my family. Therefore, I lost my home and VA loan in the process to this company PHH.
    This system that the PHH loan department has in place is not working for the people of the United States of America. I feel that people should be given the opportunity to have a proper loan modification. We need to take a look at the policy and practices of this company to be sure they help take care of our citizens. No one deserves the unfair treatment brought on by carelessness.


    Ms. Phyllis Rodriguez
    117 Compass Cove
    Stafford, VA 22554

  10. Phyllis said

    I’m going to keep sending email until I get someone to take on my case.

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